Say Me. Say You. Say Lula.



With spring rolling around the corner…i know what most of you ladies are thinking. BLONDE. you who once had me color your hair into shades of brown and red are already wanting your beautiful blonde locks back. my advice…let me do it for you. do not, under any circumstance try doing this yourself. come to SAY LULA. let me perfectly place a million foils into your hair. SAY LULA is a hidden jem in downtown san diego. come on in. happiness awaits you.

If I am already your stylist…great…if you refer me a friend…even more great…you get a complimentary haircut with your color.


womens cut.60
mens cut.35
partial highlight.85
full highlight.120
add a lowlight.30
base color only.70
base color w/ highlight 140.
global color.120
brazilian blowout 250.
special occasion.55 up

Your hair is one of the only things you can drastically change about yourself in just a few hours. So come on in. Let me give you a new you.

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