Skyla in One-derland.


I loved this birthday party. It was big sisters idea months ago to have an Alice in Wonderland party for Skyla, even though she has no idea who Alice or the Mad Hatter is..but we went with it..! Here’s some photos that captured the day.

365 days go by {{WAY}} too fast.


Skyla June makes our house more full of joy, causes a lot more giggles + smiles, snuggles better than any other baby, has the cutest good bye wave, lights up a room, follows me around the house like a shadow, and of course I think she really is the sweetest baby {{who isn’t really a baby anymore}}.
The first year of her life has gone by so super fast..

Happy Birthday to our blessing from God.



I have a really really amazing sister. She loves me unconditionally and always goes out of her way so I know it.
Having two little girls is such a blessing. The way Skyka looks at Adina is more than precious. I often wonder if it’s the way I looked at my sister when we were their ages (and still probably do).
My prayer is that these two are always close to Jesus and close to each other.

Tippy toes.


Adina has been loving her ballet/tap class. My sister took these photos which capture her at her best…most of the time her + her best buddy Ellie are whispering and giggling and making up their own sweet ballet moves. But either way, no one can deny that little girls in tutus and buns on top of their heads are pretty precious.

11 months.


I cannot believe Skyla will be one in just a few weeks. ..I’ll wait to get super sappy about her until her birthday post, but seriously look at this face!…she is so adorable, I can’t get enough of her.

February.the fastest month there is.


I love looking back at a month through a lens{{even if its an iphone lens}} February must go the fastest out of any month of the year. But this year it seemed to fly by in an unusual way.
…Maybe it’s because it only has 29 days, maybe it’s because my baby is not so baby anymore, or maybe it’s just because life goes by so dang fast, so fast I wouldn’t mind making a 24 hour day 25 or 26, and I definitely wouldn’t mind making a month at least 30.
Cheers to the love month::Skyla with banana.adina with new kicks.cactus flowers {{only I might think as romantic}}.big sister feeding baby.the Valentine my husband made for me {{and knew I wanted by reading my blog}}.best thrift find of the month on adinas feet.homemade mules with dear friends.sister love + giggles.balboa bars for girls + mommies.skyla and more college best friend + I’s girls together @ Coronado.And adina learning to write her name {{she insists cloud is part of her name}}.